Hi !  I’m Andy Criere, surfer since I was 10 years old.  I have turned my passion into my profession. I’ve been Spanish champion twice (2018 – 2019), current member of the national team in European and world tournaments and I have won three cups of the world qualifying series (2016 Santa Cruz – 2018 Fistral – 2019 Anglet). The QS is considered the second division of the WSL, the most prestigious league in existence. The World Tour is the first division with the best 34 surfers who compete in the best waves in the world throughout the year. Today surfing is going to be part of Olympic history and my dream is to be an Olympic surfer.

As I said before, surfing is above all my passion which has led me to create my own audiovisual content in which I try to reflect the meeting point between my development as a surfer and everything that this lifestyle brings to me: travel , culture, experience, overcoming challenges, balance … My team and I have produced many audiovisual shorts that account more than 100K reproductions, a special selection of Vimeo Staff Pick and entry into international film festivals.

Another essential part of my professional development is to get in relation with different brands that share my vision of seeing the world as their ambassador. We work on projects that publicize their products, services and values. This form of collaboration enriches the exchanges between business and sport. I have the support of companies such as ION, ISDIN or SUBARU, each one of them a reference in their area and responsible on the footprint they leave on the planet.


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