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Hi, I’m Andy Criere, a surfer since I was 10 years old and since then I’ve turned my passion into my profession. I’ve been twice Spanish champion (2018 – 2019), I’m a member of the national team in European and world tournaments and I’ve won three world cups in the classification circuit (2016 Santa Cruz – 2018 Fistral – 2019 Anglet). This circuit is… Read More

andy criere


The passage of time is undeniable but today more than ever the present seems too ephemeral. In this section I want to share my experiences and ideas …Read More

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If there’s one thing sport has allowed me, it’s to meet inspiring people along the way. With many of these people, I have come to relate in professional aspects and so I have been able to develop my personal brand until collaborating with inspiring brands managed by the people I was talking about before. This section is a thank you. …Read More

andy criere


Surfing came into my life in a moment of weakness and today is my greatest strength. When I caught my first waves at the age of 10, my life began to take shape unconsciously because from that moment on I had a purpose, a guiding line: to become a better surfer every day. In a short time my results began to change, both professionally and personally, socially, academically… …Read More

andy criere

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